One of three commercials for the U.S. market, tracing the LC500 sport grand tourer to it's birthplace - the finest materials representing the pinnacle of luxury, innovation and performance to create 'amazing'. The approach showcases authentic textures prioritising in-camera special fx opposed to CGI.

Directed by Ehsan B
Produced by Skunk Los Angeles
Executive Producer Matt Factor / Jeanne Stawiarski  
Line Producer Grace Bodie
DoP Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Art Director / SFX François Audouy
Creative Team Team One - Patrick O Rourke / Aaron Jacob
Editor Nick Pezzillo @SpotWelders LA
Agency Producer Sascha Peuckert
Post by The Mill Los Angeles
DC Post touch-ups by Mathematics
Lead VFX Gareth Parollo
DC Music Andy Carroll

ehsan bhatti